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Upcoming Workshops:

AutomL Workshop at ICML 2018

Meta-Learning Workshop at NIPS 2017

AutoML workshop and tutorial at ECML 2017

by Joaquin Vanschoren, Pavel Brazdil, Holger Hoos and Frank Hutter

AutoML Workshop at ECMLPKDD 2017

Towards true end-to-end learning & optimization, Invited Talk at ECML-PKDD’17

by Frank Hutter

AutoML workshop at ICML 2016

Automatic SAT Solver configuration with SMAC, Tutorial at SAT Industrial Day 2016

by Marius Lindauer

Algorithm Configuration: How to boost the performance of your SAT solver? Tutorial at SAT Summer School 2016

by Marius Lindauer

AutoML workshop at ICML 2015

Machine Learning and Optimization for Algorithm Design, Winter Term’15

by Marius Lindauer, Mustafa Misir and Frank Hutter

Algorithm Configuration — A Hands on Tutorial, Tutorial at AAAI’16

by Frank Hutter and Marius Lindauer

In this hands-on tutorial, we will demonstrate how to effectively use algorithm con guration in practice. Attendees do not require any specialized knowledge and will walk away with hands-on experience in con figuring various algorithms that will allow them to apply algorithm con guration in their respective fields of research.

AutoML challenge

by ChaLearn 

AutoML workshop at ICML 2014

Programming by Optimization: A Practical Paradigm for Computer-Aided Algorithm Design, Tutorial at AAAI’14

by Holger Hoos, Frank Hutter and Kevin Leyton-Brown

Programming by Optimization: A Practical Paradigm for Computer-Aided Algorithm Design, Tutorital at IJCA’13

by Holger Hoos, Frank Hutter and Kevin Leyton-Brown

Algorithm Selection and Configuration, Tutorial at AAAI’13

by Frank Hutter, Lars Kotthoff, Yuri Malitsky, Barry O’Sullivan, and Lin Xu